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As an Association we are indebted our members and only to our members who support us with their membership. We are not a public service non-governmental agency who provides altruistic, ongoing service to anyone who seeks us out.

Our Association is a non-profit organization where no member of the Governing Board charges a cent for being a member of it. We bring our work, resources, time and effort trying to reconcile our efforts with our daily work duties, which also means we make invaluable sacrifices in our family lives, only to defend our firm conviction of what we consider "fair" for the general interest of the majority.

Our "kit”, multiple texts, translations, phone calls, proposals, drafts, meetings, interviews, trips, organizing work groups, pressure, scorn, indifference, dislikes, negotiations and a long list of etcetera.

This web itself, our Facebook wall and Twitter feed are news portals and sources of continuous information that we gather primarily for our members. Obviously, a large number of "non-members" freely benefit from this work and from our achievements without providing their support. But above all, we believe that those in the Canary Islands (members or non-members, regardless of their country of origin) affected by the situation should be at least minimally informed and then decide whether to join us as a members to count on us to advise and represent them.

While we continue to work on the primary objective of achieving a fair regulation for Holiday Rentals, we also try to improve service and benefits for our members, establishing multiple business collaboration agreements with attractive benefits allowing us act as a "collective unit".
We know that we are not without fault and that there are things that could be done better but, considering the above and that the membership fee is only 10 euros per month, members are always welcome to constructively share their work and ideas with us.

Thanks for your understanding.

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